FDAC: the problem-solving court

FDAC is a problem-solving court approach to improving outcomes for children involved in care proceedings. It offers an alternative – and more successful – way of supporting parents to overcome the substance misuse, mental health and domestic abuse problems that have put their children at risk of serious harm. It offers parents optimism about recovery and change, combined with a realistic understanding of the immense challenge they face.

The FDAC National Unit

The National Unit is a partnership of five organisations working to extend the FDAC service across England and Wales and to change the way children and families experience care proceedings. This website explains the FDAC model and the work of the National Unit. It will keep you up to date with news from existing and new FDAC sites, the emerging lessons from practice and research, and answers to the common questions people ask us.  


In September 2018 funding for the FDAC National Unit ceased, but the materials developed by the NU remain on the FDAC website and advice and information is also available. For an interim period between September 2018 – April 2019, the NU will be running at a minimum operational level while discussions continue about the NU in the longer term. It is hoped that from April 2019 the FDAC National Unit will be re-established and will be able to support new sites setting up an FDAC.

The core team is no longer in post. The FDAC National Unit therefore will not be as responsive as it has been in the past but hopes to be able to respond to any queries about starting an FDAC from interested areas and to respond to existing FDAC sites’ requests for support and any specific operational questions.


You can find lots of information about FDAC on our website. For any further information or to request support from the interim FDAC National Unit please email: info.FdacNu@tavi-port.nhs.uk 

There are also many FDAC Advocates around the country with expertise of starting an FDAC and the National Unit can put you in touch with them.


Please contact the FDAC National Unit direct if you have any enquiries about FDAC training. Please email: info.FdacNu@tavi-port.nhs.uk

‘Immigration law is often prioritised at the expense of the child’s wellbeing’


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