Description & contact details of each FDAC

Around the UK there are currently 15 specialist FDAC teams, working in 24 courts and serving families in 36 local authorities.

Birmingham and Solihull

Birmingham and Solihull FDAC launched in February 2021, this is a joint initiative between the two authorities Birmingham Childrens Trust and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council. This is currently a two year pilot funded by the Department for Education and further contributions made by the Police Crime Commission that has made it possible for a Womens Aid worker to be part of the multi-disciplinary team.

Birmingham and Solihull FDAC have a range of specialists within the team consisting of social workers, family support workers, a domestic abuse specialist, mental health specialist, substance misuse specialist, a psychologist, two psychiatrists, parent mentors and children / young people peer mentors.

Birmingham and Solihull FDAC operates from Birmingham family courts and also has an independent base where the interventions are made possible.

For more information about Birmingham and Solihull FDAC contact the FDAC Team Manager: Helen Davies by email or by phone 07860906073.

Black Country

Black Country FDAC launched in September 2020. It is a collaboration of three local authorities and serves Walsall, Sandwell, and Dudley. Through joint commissioning, the charity Change Grow Live (CGL) is the appointed provider, whose multi-disciplinary team is strengthened by their substance misuse experience. The FDAC court operates from Wolverhampton and the team are based in Walsall but work remotely across all three boroughs.

They also offer a peer mentor program for successful FDAC graduates.

For more information about the Black Country FDAC contact the FDAC Service Manager Gemma Hatfield by email: or phone: 07741 326 245.

Cardiff and the Vale

Cardiff and the Vale FDAC launched in December 2021 following the Welsh Government providing funding for a two-year pilot programme. This is the first FDAC to be introduced in Wales and is a collaboration between Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Local Authorities. Cardiff and the Vale FDAC is available for families referred by Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan and operates from the Family Court in Cardiff. The Court is overseen by a specially trained Judge and supported by independent multi-disciplinary assessment and intervention team.

For more information about Cardiff and the Vale FDAC contact the FDAC Team Manager Peter Spinner by email, or by phone 07581 219466 .

Coventry and Warwickshire FDAC

Coventry FDAC opened in October 2015. The FDAC team developed out
of an existing local authority court-based assessment service and was
established with match-funding from the Department for Education in its
first year of practice. Since this time core funded by Coventry City Council.
In 2018 the team won the Public Sector Children’s Team Award at the 2018 Children & Young People Now Awards.

Coventry’s partnership with Warwickshire as its neighbouring authority
launched a combined service across two authorities in October 2021,
expanding the service to offer parity for families across the region.
The specialist team is based in Coventry and includes social workers,
substance misuse specialists, a parenting officer, children and family’s
worker as well as a clinical lead.

For more information about Coventry FDAC contact the FDAC Team
Manager: Jane Dunne by email or phone
02476785575. Alternatively email

East Sussex

East Sussex FDAC opened in April 2015. It has grown out of the existing multi-disciplinary SWIFT service, commissioned jointly by Children’s Social Care and the local NHS Foundation Trust. East Sussex has been particularly interested in using the FDAC approach to address mental health and domestic violence issues affecting substance misusing parents. The court operates out of Hastings, and the team is based in Eastbourne.

For more information about East Sussex FDAC contact the FDAC Team Manager: Katie Smee-Giles by email or phone 01323 463800.


Gloucestershire FDAC launched in March 2013. The team sits within the local authority Children & Young People Service and operates out of one court in Gloucester.

Gloucestershire FDAC has a key difference to the evaluated FDAC model as the FDAC social worker is also the local authority social worker. The model also includes an established 1-year post-proceedings service, known as the Gloucestershire Supervision Order Care Pathway, which is being evaluated as part of the Supporting Families, Investing in Practice funding programme.

For more information about Gloucestershire FDAC contact the FDAC Team Manager: Jane Marriott by email or phone 01452 328354.


Previously serving Kent and Medway authorities, the site opened in February 2016 and was originally managed by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. From January 2020, the service is delivered in-house by Kent County Council and no longer serves the Medway region. The court operates out of Maidstone.

Kent FDAC is expanding to cover the whole county under SFIP, and will also be extending its parent mentoring service, which is being evaluated under Strand 2 of the innovation programme.

For more information about Kent FDAC contact the FDAC Service Manager: Donna Harris by email


Between October 2015 – March 2016 Leeds was one of five FDACs which opened in West Yorkshire part funded by the Department for Education Innovation Programme. These FDAC teams served three FDAC courts operating out of Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees.

Due to funding challenges four of the local authorities were not able to continue within their local budgets despite the success of the respective teams.

However, the Leeds FDAC continued and the service successfully completed its pilot in 2017. The specialist team is provided by the local charity Barca-Leeds, commissioned by the Local Authority and part-funded by philanthropic grants.

For more information about Leeds FDAC contact the FDAC Team Manager: Sophie Carter by email or phone 0113 255 9582.


London FDAC, the first UK FDAC, started in 2008 as a three-year pilot, funded by central government, and is now a service commissioned by the participating local authorities from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

In January 2018, London FDAC expanded to provide a Pan-London service working across three London Family Courts: Central, Croydon and West London. In January 2021, this Pan-London FDAC service expanded to include some of the local authorities served by the East London Family Court. In total, the Pan-London FDAC serves 13 local authorities.

Additional local authorities have demonstrated an interest in the model and there are other opportunities for local authorities to commission FDAC.

The London FDAC has maintained parent mentoring as a consistent part of its model, and this is being evaluated by Sussex University under the Supporting Families, Investing in Practice programme.

For more information about Pan-London FDAC, contact the Clinical and Strategic Lead: Katie Walker by email

Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire

Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire FDAC opened in July 2014. It serves the two local authorities and operates out of two courts, in Milton Keynes and High Wycombe. The specialist team works from a base in Milton Keynes.

In June 2016 Milton Keynes Family Court won a HMCTs regional award for partnership working in developing their FDAC service.

For more information about Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire FDAC, contact the Team Manager: Jenny Swift by email or phone 01908 253400.

North East

FDAC North East is a collaboration between three local authorities and serves Gateshead, Newcastle and North Tyneside.  FDAC North East launched in April 2021 and is a two year pilot funded by the Department for Education.  FDAC North East is a multi-disciplinary team, made up from professionals from children’s social work, substance use and mental health and have support from a Consultant Psychologist and Consultant Psychiatrist.

FDAC North East operates from the Civil and Family Courts and Tribunals Centre in Newcastle city centre, while the FDAC team work flexibly across the three local authority areas.

For more information about FDAC North East contact the FDAC Manager Dominic Wilson by email: or phone: 0191 433 3898.

Pan Bedfordshire

The Pan Bedfordshire FDAC launched in November 2019. It serves three local authorities and operates out of two courts, in Luton and Bedford. It is at the beginning of a two-year pilot.

The Pan Bedfordshire FDAC has secured funding from diverse sources, with significant contributions from the PCC, the CCG, a local charity and Public Health, alongside core funding from Children’s Services.

For more information about the Pan Bedfordshire FDAC, please contact the Team Manager: Beverley Sorensen by email


Somerset’s FDAC launched in January 2021 and is part of the ‘Family Solutions Somerset’ initiatives. It has been funded by the Department for Education and Somerset County Council for an 18 month pilot and has been supported by its partner agencies to recruit specialist substance misuse and mental health practitioners to the team. Somerset’s FDAC operates from the Yeovil and Taunton courts and covers all 4 areas of Somerset County Council, with the specialist team based in Taunton. 

For more information about Somerset FDAC contact the FDAC Service Manager Maria Hargreaves by email or phone: 07818529167


Southampton FDAC opened in 2015 initially as a small pilot but has now been running for  7 years as a permanent fixture within the Local Authority’s Children and Families Service. The team sit within the multi-disciplinary Intervention and Complex Assessment Services and work closely with frontline Social Care teams, therapeutic services, community substance misuse providers and health colleagues. The FDAC team have also expanded in recent years, with increased clinical lead input, more FDAC trained social workers and a substance misuse worker within the team. Due to the teams multi-faceted function within the Local Authority, they also support any reunification work undertaken during or post FDAC and offer a 12 month post-FDAC intervention for families.

For more information about Southampton FDAC contact the FDAC Service Lead: Daniel Clark by email or phone 02380 834430.


Stockport FDAC launched in January 2021. It has been funded for two years by Stockport Family, and the Department for Education’s ‘ Supporting Families Programme’. It serves the Stockport Metropolitan Council and operates out of the Manchester Family Court, in the Manchester Civil Justice Centre .

For more information about Stockport FDAC please contact the Team Manager Dinah Perry by email, or by phone 0161 474 4446/07866999727.