This part of the website answers some of the common questions we get asked about FDAC:

  • how does it differ from ordinary care proceedings?
  • how does the role of the court fit with that of the specialist team?
  • what service is offered to parents?
  • why are we confident about the benefits of this new way of working?

Summary of FDAC’s key features 

Special judges                                                                              

Specially-trained judges provide parents with regular and continuous supervision and support, and the same judge hears the case from start to finish.

Problem-solving approach                                                  

Fortnightly court reviews provide opportunities for regular monitoring of parental progress and setbacks. Lawyers do not usually attend, giving the FDAC judge time to engage and motivate parents, speak directly to them and their social worker, and draw people into finding ways of resolving problems.

Specialist multi-disciplinary team 

Various professionals work closely with the court and the parents, making sure that the right people are doing what is needed to help families change.

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Click here for our brochure on the FDAC model and research findings