The ‘theory of change’ of FDAC and the National Unit is that working together in a system that feels just motivates parents and professionals to achieve better outcomes for children and also offers value for money.

Parents don’t set out to abuse or neglect their children. They fail because of four main, and often overlapping, problems: drug and alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, mental health problems, and severe poverty.

FDAC protects children by offering parents access to a problem-solving family court, linked to a therapeutic team with adult, child and family specialists, in turn linked to a network of other support and treatment agencies. FDAC starts by asking parents which problems they want to solve. The therapeutic team designs a ‘trial for change’ individual treatment and support programme for each parent, and this is endorsed by the court. The programme gives each parent the best possible chance to solve their problems while testing whether they can do this in a timescale that is compatible with their children’s needs.

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  1. outcomes for children and families
  2. justice, and
  3. value for money.

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