We aim to support the growth of new FDACs each year. We hope a steady roll-out, ensuring the FDAC problem-solving approach is offered much more widely across Local Family Justice Board areas, will result in improved long-term outcomes for children and families in England and Wales.

The FDAC National Unit is working towards this goal through its continuing contact with local authorities and Designated Family Judges around the country known to be interested in establishing a local FDAC. We offer occasional networking and learning events, facilitate key meetings between local stakeholders, and offer advice at particular moments in the development of a project.

For more information about these potential FDACs, contact Gabriella Brent.

We look forward to learning more about the progress of the growing number of other problem-solving court models, and to the findings emerging from their own evaluation reports. Please contact us if you are one such site, so that we can explore what we have in common and perhaps use the same data collection tools.