To share the learning, and to expand our links with potential sites, we host National Network Meetings for local authorities, judges and court staff, and health and other agencies interested in developing a local FDAC.

We tailor the agenda and outside speakers to the stage of FDAC development and current burning issues of participants.

FDAC National Conference – October 2016 

FDAC teams from around the country came together to network and share learning and problem solve together. The research team from Lancaster University and RyanTunnardBrown presented the latest research findings. Each of the 13 FDAC teams gave a presentation about their FDAC. 6 breakout discussions were held including: 

  • What other problems could the FDAC model solve?
  • Working with fathers, in or out of FDAC
  • Are there benefits to starting FDAC earlier?
  • How to make the best use of FDAC non-lawyer reviews?
  • The importance of key work sessions – opportunities and challenges
  • How to embed better post-proceedings support 

The conference concluded with Dr Sheena Webb, London FDAC Team Manager, presenting about complex trauma and FDAC being a trauma informed service. 

This was the first opportunity for FDAC teams to meet each other. It was an inspiring day, the room was full of enthusiasm, talented professionals with a commitment to the FDAC approach.  

Third National Meeting – November 2015 

This is a follow-up event for those attending in June, to explore in more detail the day-to-day work of the FDAC specialist team, to hear about the contribution of parent mentors and the gains for parents in having a mentor, and to discuss the key lessons emerging from the 11 local authorities who will be opening their FDAC service from next month.

Feedback from participants 

Here are some of the most valued take-home messages:

  • finding ways to build on existing resources rather than start from scratch
  • early joint thinking with all agencies likely to become partners in FDAC
  • pooling funds to appoint a project manager to start the development work
  • getting agreement between potential partners about the values behind FDAC and committing to resolve together the problems ahead in funding a new service.

Second National Meeting – June 2015

This was targeted at potential new FDAC sites, all tussling with similar challenges of funding and sustainability. With a guest speaker from Public Health England and contributions from judicial and local authority colleagues from some of the new sites (Coventry, the South-West Peninsula, and Kent/Medway) that are being supported by the National Unit to open their FDAC service this year.

First National Meeting – October 2014 

Held before the National Unit opened, and funded by a small development grant from the DfE to test the roll-out of FDAC beyond London, this event was for areas at an early stage of thinking and planning.

With sessions about:

  • the principles underpinning FDAC
  • the role of early champions in gathering together the right people
  • reflections from court
  • the local authority tasks around scoping need and mapping existing services, and
  • embedding evaluation from the start.

Guest speakers from existing sites included judges and court administrators (London, East Sussex and Milton Keynes), local authority commissioners (Milton Keynes/Buckinghamshire and London), and members of the London FDAC specialist team.